Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Heritage Property MIS-Managers

The service industry is a very important and noble industry. When a company or institution does it right, it has the potential to uplift and delight the guest and voila! Loyalty is born. Screw that up, and it could, and should, be disastrous. This is why I get all hot under the collar when I receive bad service, especially if I'm PAYING for that service, and it's woefully inadequate.

This is my issue with American Heritage Property Management. They are very bad at property management. It's supposedly their specialty, and they are very bad at it. Not even average. BAD.

As with folks whom I have managed in my career, there are rock stars, there are competent workers, and there are people you need to counsel into doing something else that is a better fit for their personality and ability. I almost feel like I need to sit down with American Heritage Property Management and say, "Look, I know you want to do a good job (although, honestly, I'm not sure how true that is), and that you've tried very hard (again, not sure). But this isn't working because you can't seem to collect rent on time, you're pretty bad at finding the right tenant for the property, your stable of 'maintenance workers' are either ripping you off or you're getting a cut under the table, and there is enormous turnover of your property managers, so you're either hiring the wrong people, or you're treating them very poorly. Either way, your approach is clearly backfiring. So we're going to have part ways. I encourage you to find another career path that could complement your, um, incompetence in organization and management. You could try to do this at another location, but really. Don't."

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