Lina's Top 10 Lancaster Restaurants

When it comes to all the other cities/labels, I generally only write about restaurants that I thought were worth writing about.  But I post everything I review for the Lancaster Sunday Newspaper, whether good or bad.

So here are my top 10 Lancaster faves that I'll continue to update if and when something comes along that warrants bumping off one of the chosen few.  Best is first; I know, it's backwards...
  1. Belvedere Inn - If Victorian could be modern, this would be it.  Interesting, creative dishes that change over often.  Lina's Review
  2. Checker's Bistro - Cozy and creative, I'm sad I went there for the first time 3 years after I moved to Lancaster.  Lina's Review
  3. Pho Than Thuy - Vietnamese Noodle House as authentic as can be.  Across the street from Clipper Stadium on Prince St.  Lina's Review
  4. Carr's - American Cuisine in a warm, classy space.  My mom swears by their crab cakes.  I am a fan of the meatloaf.  Lina's Review
  5. Wish You Were Here - One of my favorite breakfast places.  Swedes pancakes and the Indian omelet are my favorites.  Local and Organic.  Lina's Review  UPDATE: Not sure what the story is here, but this is gone.  Rumors abound that it was sold but set to reopen and be relatively untouched... stay tuned...
  6. El Serrano - Peruvian influenced, transformative restaurant - as if you're in Peru!  Lina's Review
  7. Ciro's - Italian fare where simplicity is the star.  There are two Ciro's in Lancaster, which is confusing.  In order to get here, it's best to get directions to Coerulea, which is in the same Square, otherwise, you'll find yourself at the wrong one...  Lina's Review
  8. Accomac Inn - Across the river in York (I cheated), the setting is serene and the food is fierce.  Great romantic place.  Lina's Review
  9. La Borimex - Awesome Mexican in a little grocery/cafeteria location in Ephrata, east on 322. Lina's Review
  10. The Sugar Bowl - On the Millersville campus, this is a college hangout, but the Strombolis are king.  Lina's Review
  11. Rachel's Creperie - Bonus Pick!  Cute cafe that serves crepes as if you're in Paris. 309 N. Queen St.  Lina's Review