Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chicken Soup and Lancaster Health Campus

I just had some foot surgery done on Friday. Nothing major--it's the removal of a foot feature long despised by the women of my family. My mom has given me many things--her strong personality, her fun-loving mischief (yes, she is mischievous, but would never admit it), her loyalty to friends and family, and...her bunions. I hate to even mention the word, it's so ugly. I mean, nothing romantic and lovely could ever come from a word that sounds like "bunion."

Anyway, the point of my blog is not the surgery itself, but the Lancaster Health Campus on Harrisburg Pike and Rohrerstown Rd. I often drove past it and was vaguely aware of a huge medical campus with several new-looking buildings, but never paid too much attention to them. After all, I'm a healthy young woman.

Recently, though, my doctors have wanted me to take precautionary measures on something my annual physical revealed. So far, nothing definitive or alarming, but there's been quite a bit of blood-taking (okay, a lot. I'm surprised I'm still alive) and driving around to specialists. All that activity, plus my b***** surgery, has taken me to the Lancaster Health Campus several times in the past month. I have to say, it's absolutely first-class. It's clean and spacious; there was obviously thought put into how to make it as comfortable as possible for both patients and their families. Most importantly, the personnel are wonderful. I've never seen so cheery a bunch as the assistants and nurses whom I have encountered there. It takes a special person to joyfully serve people who are battling cancer or kidney disease and are getting sick and nauseous while taking in their treatment. It takes compassion, empathy, strength, a Godly love. And that place is full of it. It's contagious. I felt myself longing to find a way to volunteer. When, you might ask? I don't know. I told you, it's contagious. Colds are contagious, and they don't wait for the "right time" to inflict. Perhaps the same might happen here.

So keep on, Lancaster Health Campus. You guys rock n' roll. It makes getting sick feel a whole lot better...

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