Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Disintegration of Society

Earlier this week, I saw the vestiges of the complete erosion of our future generation when watching several teenage girls pound the hell out of their "friend." I could barely stand watching the footage as it continually looped to provide visual background as the news anchor broke the story.

What is our society coming to? The fact that there is no remnant of remorse from these individuals who are old enough to know what they are doing is a frightening prospect. The fact that they were more concerned about whether their social calendars were in jeopardy than about the girl they just landed in the hospital is loathsome. The fact that they actually video taped the assault to put it on YouTube is unfathomable. The LEAST they can do is try them as adults.

Where is the future generation learning their morals? Their character? Clearly not from their parents. As the story unfolds, I will be very attentive to what their parents do. My immediate reaction was, I bet their wealthy parents are doing all they can to get their kids out on bond, then do their darndest to keep them out of jail. I'm concerned that they will actually lash out to blame someone, anyone, other than themselves. I expect that they might have the audacity to sue the school system, or even the victim and her family for "defamation" or some other hideous and equally ridiculous claim. Is it unrealistic to think this could actually happen?

As I think about it, the children of today are the evidence of the disintegration that began with their parents' generation. It must be; because how else could we have created such monsters?

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