Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boston - Taiwan Cafe

The last time I was in Boston, I gathered with the cousins again. We congregated at our favorite Chinese place - Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown. It's never failed me, and I was lucky the first time I went to Boston to have been directed to the Taiwan Cafe by a shop owner when I happened to be wandering in her store.

Now, I'm always so excited when I encounter a Taiwanese place. There is a slight nuance in difference vs. Chinese, which is most clearly demostrated in what are called the "Little Eats." These are the little eats that were traditionally sold at the night markets. Served in little portions, folks could eat quickly at makeshift tables or they could continue making their way through the market. Okay, granted, there might be a little Hepatitis running around all the little, not-so-sterile stalls, but never have I had a bad meal in the bowels of the night market. Things like "Tsou Dofu," which translates to "Stinky Tofu" is something I just love. It takes me right back, but it's something that one of my cousins can't stand the smell of, and thus, I can't order it when we're together. Sigh.

But everything else has been pretty stellar. Eggplant and Basil is especially good. The braised beef in noodle soup is great. The cod and tofu hot pot is one of my go-to dishes. We also ordered the shredded beef and sliced hot peppers. Now, this has got a lot of heat going on, but man, is it good!!

Regardless, I'm looking forward to getting back to Taiwan Cafe the next time I'm back - I'd arrange a trip just to go there...

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