Friday, October 30, 2009

Yummy Broccoli?!!?

Who knew that broccoli could be so sweet?  Those of you who have been eating organic broccoli know this already, but those of us who haven't, something great has been kept from us.  

Okay, so I don't have an aversion to broccoli to begin with, nor do I seek it out for every meal.  I always thought it was an unremarkably benign-tasting vegetable that was supposed to have super-powers, and that's why all kids were made to eat it.  The thing is, though, if kids were fed organic broccoli, they might actually LIKE it.  Why?  Because I just had my first dose of organic broccoli tonight, and it was sweeter, greener, and altogether tastier!  I just threw some salt, pepper, and chili oil onto it, steamed it, and I was a happy little kid, sitting on the counter, swinging my legs as I shoved its cruciferousness into my anticipating mouth.  No, this wasn't a went-hiking-all-day-and-even-the-packaged-ramen-tastes-great moment.  It was genuinely, remarkably tasty.  

Tomorrow, Eric and I are headed to Lancaster's Central Market to try out more organics.  I'm excited.

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Anonymous said...

Time to try your local CSA, my friend. May not be 100% organic (though some are) but the produce is delish & you get everything fresh & seasonal (often picked less than 24 hours prior to pick-up). We tried this for the first time this year & are already looking forward to purchasing a share again next year. (CSA - community supported agriculture, and you can locate one near you here: