Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pain and Agony of Creating Your Own Website

Augh! Blech! Gack! #!%#!! That's how I've been feeling lately.

My efforts in trying to get my own domain set up have NOT been going well. I mean, why is being on Blogger such a bad thing, anyway? "It's not professional-looking," "You've got to graduate," "You've got great things to say," "You're on the verge," everyone said. But those same people have never tried to set up a website before, I'm sure of it.

Here's what I've learned thus far:
  • It's easy to buy your own domain; it's hard to have your own website. I should clarify. You can certainly get a website that looks like everyone else's website, complete with pictures of their dog in their backyard, but if you want your dog in your yard, you're screwed.
  • When buying your domain, get it through eNom. At least, that's what most people have told me I SHOULD have done.
  • There are lots of opinion all over the internet on this topic; you're just not sure who's a whack-a-doo and who's legit.
  • If something is free and really easy, you're guaranteed to be giving up on something else. Case in point: I found a site called, which allows for Website Dummies to click and drag their way to a nifty and awesome-looking website. Yeah, man! At least that's what I thought, until I realized I couldn't change the FONT of the website's title. But I don't WANT my title to be in Times New Roman...
  • Almost all the web articles are written by web experts who think they're taking it down to the basics for Website Dummies. They have clearly never met me.
  • I still really like the idea of having my own website; but with my perfectionistic tendencies and the rate at which this is all transpiring, it is projected to go live in 2015.
Up to now, the best blog I've found that kinda makes sense to me, and is totally amusing, is Chris Pearson's. But see point 5. Ken Mueller, who is a social media guru, told me about his Thesis Theme, and watching Chris' demo video was getting me all excited and falsely thinking I could actually do this. Until he said, "So then you have to go to the Custom File Editor, and then type in '.custom .webbercode { just change the font like this, see, and don't forget your # mark in order to ID it, don't ya know }'..."

Cue eyes rolling to back of head. Losin' me, man. There is a REASON I never pursued computer programming after my required class as a frosh in college. I didn't like it then, I don't like it now.

Ultimately, I just want to write. I want to blog to my heart's content. I want to focus on travel, on food, on all the things I love and am passionate about. The rub is that I'm too cheap to pay $2,000 for a web design. I mean, really? So I can blog in style? Yes, it's appealing, but man, Blogger is looking better and better everyday...


Ken said...

Haha. I can help. Don't you worry!

Eric Bierker said...

Hang in there baby...nothing good is ever easy.