Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Cheetos are DIFFERENT here!!

So I have in front of me a bag of what looks like Cheetos that I could get in the States. It has the same orange color, the same Chester Cheetah, same logo, etc. But when I opened it, it had these black specks on it. Definitely not my regular Cheetos. Those black specks are spicy flecks of chilies. The taste? Less Cheeeeeeesy and more Spiiiiiiiiicy. The issue is that they took down the cheesiness several steps, but added just a little smidge of spice. The result? Something that is far blander than it should be.

Then there's the mouthfeel. It's not quite the same. Sure the crunch is similar, but as you crunch, it releases an oiliness that coats the mouth. Not as crazy about it.

But after all that, let's be real for a moment. I'm still eating these as I write this. After all, my love for Cheetos isn't natural. It's a far greater emotion than anything a puffed, crunchy snack should evoke.

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