Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trax Cafe - 5 years later...

5 years ago, Eric and I met at Trax Cafe for our very first date.  Recall, I had just had LASIK surgery, and because all things rare happen to me, both fortunate and not so fortunate, the procedure had temporarily broken the blood vessels in my eyes, rendering all the whites of my eyes a bright blood red.  It was so apparent that when I went to the washroom that evening, I looked into the mirror and scared myself.  The fact that Eric would tolerate such a sight all evening, and still want to see me again was a testament to his character.  And so 5 years later, we were back for Valentine's Day.  I loved the meal back then - a filet mignon steak stuffed with Stilton blue cheese and paired with a lovely Solera Cabernet - and I loved the meal now...

Is there anything better than a tastefully delicious French Onion soup?  When it's clear that time had all it wanted to take with the dish, and it's topped with scallions and deeply caramelized onions, I don't think so... unless you're eating this dish:

Look at these gorgeous sea scallops.  And I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I can't seem to remember what the accompaniments are.  At the time, I thought, this risotto is so fantastic I won't forget.  And, this is the most perfect ___ cream to pair with the scallops; I won't forget.  Alas, I did.  Shameful, I know.  I can tell you it's not wasabi, and I'm fairly certain it's not pesto.  Perhaps cilantro or parsley?  

Flash-fried rice pudding in a spring-roll wrapper with strawberries and cream, drizzled with chocolate.  I'll have to admit, I'm not much of a dessert fan - I think my meals should end with an appetizer.  Perhaps I should call it Appessert?  This was good, but the outer shell became soggy quickly.

Trax Cafe - BYOB
27 West Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002-5701
(215) 591-9777


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