Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EARTH Bread & Brewery

As part of my hubby's 40brews40days tour, we headed to a place called EARTH Bread & Brewery, a microbrewery that focuses on flatbreads for their food and is into the local sustainability movement.  What's there not to like?

Turns out that they have some nice brews on tap, but the one that I liked the most??  The Philadelphia Brewing Company's Pharmhouse Arrest.  Okay, so I might like the name most, but it is quite arresting.  Admittedly, it was quite a while ago, so it's hard for me to remember, but I'm solidly in the Belgian Ale camp, and I do remember thinking that it had characteristics of a Belgian brew, and there was a bite to it that was, indeed, Arresting...
We started with some appetizers - the Cheese plate and Olives.  There were three types of cheese, but the one I remember the most was the one on the far left - a Pesto Gouda, I believe.  It was creamy with a brilliantly potent pesto flavor.  Quite amazing.  My only beef with the Cheese Plate is that it's not a very good value.  There were little slivers of cheese, barely enough for 4 people to have a good, accurate tasting.  The olives were quite good, with a good variety.

We ordered three kinds of flatbreads - A Chicken Mole, White Cheese, and Mushroom & Turkey Sausage.  Of them all, I thought the White Cheese, below, was the tastiest.  It had an acute simplicity that was perfect.  The Mushroom was decent, but nothing to salivate profusely over, and the mole?  Well, it was rather disappointing, I must say.  I had just come back from Mexico and had had my fair share of Mole, and this did not have the sweetness or the chocolateyness I would expect. 

But the surprise of the evening?  We asked for red pepper flakes or anything with some heat, and they brought over Sriracha sauce, and I was blown away at how well it went with pizza!  Man, I gotta cross cuisines more often!!  What a find.  I'm going to start using that heated goodness with more impunity from now on and see where it takes me.

Earth Bread + Brewery

7136 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia (Mt. Airy)

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