Friday, August 13, 2010

Ommegang Brewfest

The Ommegang Brewfest can be summed up in one picture, and here it is...
Gorgeous day, gorgeous campus, gorgeous Belgian beers.  This is the Tripel Perfection, an Ommegang Limited Edition.  Once I found this, I dabbled with a few other Belgian lovers, but I came back to this one.  It was my true love...
The Big Top scene where there seemed to be hundreds of beers waiting to be imbibed.  I can't see how anyone could get through every single one of them.  Eric claims he got through 70%.  I'm rather doubtful.  Me?  I probably tried 10%, then stuck with the one I liked the most.

Of course, if this was your lodging set up, just a short stroll from the Big Top, then one might be able to get through all that beer safely.  A good idea, but I'm not sure I can do it.  I've never understood the concept of driving somewhere to willingly sleep on the ground...

One of my favorite "booths."  Three Philosophers was the first Ommegang beer that captured my attention so completely at Stoudt's brewfest.  Here, they had vintages from 2004 - 2010.  Yes, they all taste differently, with subtle nuances, but unlike others who could claim a favorite, I would be happy if someone handed me a glass of any one of them.
The Ommegang lineup in their tasting room.  A sight of happiness!

I'm looking forward to next year's Brewfest, and will be sure to have a few other friends in tow.  I may or may not have drunk dialed one or two of them.  I may have been influenced by too much beer or simply giddy on the atmosphere.  Regardless, I'm ready to pounce on those tickets the moment the opportunity arises.

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