Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bad Senator Behavior!!

On my flight back from Beijing, I got to chatting with the flight attendants, who had just arrived in Beijing from Washington Dulles airport and was doing a quick turnaround.  I love talking to the flight attendants, especially when they're willing to share their outrageous stories.  Right out of reality TV, some of these.

There was one story, in particular, that was pretty obnoxious.  It goes like this.

On the way out to Beijing, they had a one former senator Arlen Specter on the flight.  He, his aide, his wife, everyone in the entourage - which begs the question why he even has an entourage - insisted that they be upgraded to First Class.  Given that they didn't pay for First Class and didn't have enough status for an upgrade, the airline staff rightly refused to give them an upgrade.  It became enough of a bruhaha, probably because "Don't you know who I am?" was thrown out there at least once or twice, that the Captain, seeing a losing battle against diva behavior, gave in and allowed for the upgrade. 

I think the Captain should have sat them in the back row, near the bathroom and without reclining seats, as a Time Out.  After all, childish behavior should elicit its just punishment.

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Ciamags said...

Ha! Totally agree - wonder where the idea of a time out came from?