Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eric's Cajun Stew

Our CSA gifted us with two bagfuls of okra.  When I think "okra," I think GUMBO!! 

I'm blessed to be married to Eric, who is a great, albeit messy, cook.  Instead of downloading a recipe and following it exactly, he has an innate intuition about what flavors will work together and which will not.  So he rooted through our overly packed refrigerator and freezer and threw in all sorts of stuff. 

Granted, I can't really call it a gumbo because it wasn't thickened with a roux and rice isn't stirred into the dish, we're spooning this on top.  So this is Eric's Cajun Stew.  Spicy, rich, and yumma yum yum.

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what's in it please