Sunday, June 19, 2011

San Francisco Airport Tip!

Every so often my travel karma gives way to the roaming demons who, out of boredom, just want to mess with people.  And then I raise my fist and cry disdainfully, "United!" 

If you're flying from the West coast to the East coast, and anything, I mean ANYTHING, goes wrong, you're screwed.  With the 3-hour time change combined with 6 hours in the air, the last flight out of the West coast is 3PM, with no chance of any connections.  Harrisburg Airport has a lot of great advantages, but direct flights are not one of them.  

On my latest flight out from San Fran to Dulles connecting to Harrisburg, my 1PM flight that would get me home by midnight was painfully delayed, and I knew I would be spending some pillow time in Washington DC, just as everything was closing down.  They put me on an 8AM flight the next day.  Total anticipated time at the hotel?  A mere 4.5 hours.  On a Saturday, to boot.

But IF you're going to get screwed, pray that it happens at the San Francisco airport because if you're lucky enough to be close to Gate 82, you can partake in wine tasting at Wine Wisdom to drown your sorrows away.

Thank you, Wine Wisdom, for allowing me to taste every single bottle you had open TWICE.  Thank you for regaling me with stories of wine distribution.  Thank you for making my 2 hour plane delay cum 10 hour delay to home more tolerable.  

Everyone go by the Wine Wisdom and tell them I said, "Hi," and that I did finally make it back home safely.

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