Wednesday, November 28, 2007


There's a Thai restaurant that is just minutes from my home. It's called Sukhothai, and it "sukhs". I've even been there twice, thinking the first time was a fluke, and I really needed to give it another chance. But if I were on the brink of passing out from hunger, and it was the only restaurant that could alleviate the growling pangs eminating from my shriveled stomach, I would pass. I'm not even quite sure what kind of food it is. It says it's a Thai restaurant, but everything tastes the same and has a lot of broccoli in it. In fact, I'm pretty sure Thailand doesn't grow broccoli as we know it, so how can this be authentic?

This leaves to me to wonder why it continues to exist? Okay, fine, the atmosphere is quite nice and there is an air of elegance. But who cares if the food is bad? It's a conglomeration of vegetables and meat that has no character or moxie to it. Do Lancastrians actually think this is what Thai is supposed to taste like? I think an intervention is in order...

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Rebecca said...

By they way, there is an AMAZING Thai/Malaysian restaurant in Camden Town. So when you and Eric come to visit me and the team, we're definitely going there for dinner some night ;)