Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Established First?

There appears to be a bit of a rivalry that has established itself in the Bierker household. Shortly after I established my blog, my wonderful husband, Eric, established his own blog to counter my blog, as he has mentioned in his blog, for fear that he might lose one of the few things on which he lays a superiority claim - writing, even though he ends his sentences with a preposition most of the time, which has always been, and always shall be, grammatically incorrect. Boys. Why can't they just grow up?

As an aside, he is a great writer. Check his out by clicking the title...

1 comment:

Eric Bierker said...

One of the few things that I can claim superiority on? I can think of several more...catching a football, running, playing basketball, waking up in the morning, taking out trash, gardening, writing a Ph.D. dissertation, killing spiders, biblical knowledge, organizational skills, cooking anything in Pyrex pan, need I continue? Hope not b/c I am kind of out of ideas.

But, as long as I retain the writing advantage, I can spin anything else. Maybe you need to hire a marketer! Can't wait to see the response...get ready, its gonna hurt!