Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lina's Foodnetwork: The Quest for Comfort Food

Chinese food in America has somehow become, well, Americanized. It's not something I necessarily see in other Asian cuisines. Yes, there are Asian restaurants where the food is just plain BAD, but it's generally not bastardized into something that actually tastes pretty good to people who wouldn't know what the authentic version tastes like.

I, of course, having been raised by immigrant parents, DO know what authentic Chinese tastes like. Let me tell you--it's delicious. The variety is unparalleled--I mean, they use the entire animal, for goodness sakes.

As it may shock you, Lancaster is not the mecca of Asian cuisine. But there are some good restaurants here. Hong Kong Garden on 462 has a nice array of Chinese food. The Hot & Sour soup is one of my staples there. Sometimes it can be a little too thick (careful--simple carbs here!), but it's chock full of "stuff" and it tastes good. I'm also partial to their Moo Shu Pork and Beef Rice Noodles. These noodles are wide and soft. They carry the taste of the sauce incredibly well because rice doesn't really taste like anything strong. That's why it's such a great grain.

The latest "Reader's Choice" in the Lancaster News has chosen Tony Wang's as the best Chinese restaurant in town. I'll admit that the fact that it's next to the tourist-filled outlet shops makes me raise an eyebrow. So I haven't tried it yet. I just don't want to go and be disappointed. But before I can make any comments here, I really should. Stay tuned...

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