Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ah, sweet liberty...

They put in a new set of stores called the "Fountain Shoppes" at Park City Mall. It has a Williams-Sonoma, Banana Republic, White/Black Market, and a couple of other stores I don't really care about. This place is becoming positively cosmopolitan!!

Up to this point, I was really finding my shopping groove at Costco. I would spend almost every Saturday roaming through the wide aisles of a big warehouse, eyeing HUGE amounts of any one thing and honestly assessing whether I needed a 4-pack of economy size dishwasher tablets. I knew I had a problem when my husband accompanied me on one of my trips. As we dumped a couple hundred dollars worth of purchases into the trunk, he turned to another couple walking by and said, "Household of Two, Ladies and Gentleman...", to which they laughed a very knowing laugh. But my days of Costco addiction may be coming to an end.

Now, I'm not that big of a shopper, but I like the IDEA that if I were to go shopping, I could walk out of a joint with clothing that makes me feel like I could have been right out of a Versace ad. Okay, at least a pharmaceutical ad that has something to do with fixing heartburn and psychosis at the same time. And there it is. I now have the CHOICE of going to a set of socially acceptable stores and feeling like I'm a bit back to my old cosmopolitan self.

Whether I actually take advantage of this newly presented resource is another matter.

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