Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Fresh Start

So it's the new year, and I had the awesome pleasure of having my great friend Cornelio in town. Corn and I are old friends from high school, so he gets the benefit, and sometimes the displeasure, of knowing me pretty darn well. It had been years since we had seen each other, but no matter, because when we finally do, we talk non-stop, taking time to sleep every so often. But I find he rarely sleeps, so when I'm sleeping, he's talking to my husband. I love that the two of them are developing a great relationship.

After he leaves or sends me a letter, I get pensive and philosophical about life. He lives life in almost total contrast to me, which is a welcome and different perspective. We talked a lot about Facebook: how that affects relationships, what the etiquette is, and by what criteria should one be a friend on Facebook? We talked about the other friends we have and what kind of role they play in our lives.

A few days later, I helped to host a baby shower for one of my best friends. Huge belly laughs, little small talk - yeah, man.

I'm blessed to have had some of my favorite people in the world visiting me so early in the year. They remind me of how rich I am in friendships, and what friendship means. They make me reevaluate what kind of friend I am to those around me, whether they are good friends or not yet. It's exactly the kind of fresh start a new year should bring.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Lina! Awaiting the next installment!!!!