Thursday, January 29, 2009

Facebook's 25 Things

It's amazing how many "25 Things About Me" tags I've gotten in Facebook. It's really interesting to see how different these lists are not in content, but in style and seriousness. Some are completely wacky one-liners. Others are novels, in and of themselves. But each one of them is really sweet. Then I think about the fact that had it not been for a social medium that doesn't allow for direct human contact, I wouldn't have gotten to know any of this about anyone. Talk about irony...


mrcornie said...

I've had the same reaction myself. When I first saw the "25 things" happening my first reaction was less than enthusiastic. I thought about those emails that get forwarded every so often that someone answers the list of questions, then forwards it a long list of friends. I have long ago stopped doing those.

But per the "25 things", I've also been surprisingly touched. And it made me realize that often we meet each of our friends at such different times and contexts in our lives, that there are sure to be some significant things that I would love to discover.

I've got to do mine. So when are you doing yours?

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