Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Travel Travails

It's probably a sign you're traveling too much when your husband tells friends that you're on a "layover" when you're home.

We calculated that in the last three weeks, I will have been home for 3 days. That's pretty brutal, especially when considering the fact that I actually like to be home. I like my oversized brown chair that swallows me up. I like the flannel sheets and the big ol' down comforter on our bed. I like that all my toiletries are full-size and easily accessible. I like my gym locker that holds everything I need to have a good workout. I like that there is all healthful food available to me in our fridge. I like talking to my husband face-to-face. I like having a social life here in the city in which I live.

But I also like visiting large cities across the country. I like racking up frequent flyer and hotel points. I like the fact that every hotel has cable TV. I like the work I do that causes me to have such a demanding travel schedule. I like, okay, I love, eating in amazing restaurants. I like expense accounts. I like spending time with friends who live in the particular city I happen to be visiting. I like to see how fast I can get through the security lines at the airport. I like treating myself to a cafe latte everytime I arrive at the airport.

Good things happen when I travel, for sure. I just wish there wasn't so much of it.

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Christene said...

Hello my friend! Any trips to Chicago planned? Hi to Eric.