Saturday, January 9, 2010

Delayed Flights - My Inner Struggle

My flight is delayed. First, thank you Harrisburg International Airport for having free WiFi. Just one of the benefits of flying out of a small airport - give it up for the one flight that goes to Toronto that gives HIA its "international" designation. Sounds so cosmopolitan.

So the incoming flight was on time. I did nothing but watch folks file off the plane. I'm still astounded by how much luggage a little baby can generate. And I still never tire of the younger passengers with all the attitude of wearing a hat and sunglasses as if they were celebrities hiding their famed mugs from the paparazzi; the only thing being they aren't being mobbed by anyone, so it just looks so silly.

Anyway, on to explaining my inner struggle. After everyone from the incoming flight got off, they announced that the new crew found there were maintenance issues. The devil on my left shoulder says, "What the hell, the plane came IN okay, so really, what's the big deal? Let's get the show on the road! I've got a connection to make, man!" The angel on my right says, "Is it really worth the risk? People stupidly continue to drive their cars when there's something slightly wrong. At best, the car goes kaput, and they can just glide into a snowbank, or whatever. When it comes to planes? The best that can happen is that you might survive falling from thousands of feet from the sky in some miraculous landing that only partially maims you."

Right. So I'm waiting patiently. I'd rather be late than maimed...

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