Tuesday, April 13, 2010

La Borimex - Still good, but bigger...

I have been heading back to the places that I've found to be tres interesting, but haven't been able to revisit because I had to desperately find another place to critique.  La Borimex was one of those places.  When we visited again yesterday evening, we noticed that the grocery part had shrunken, and that the eating area had noticeably expanded.  It was crowded in there, too.  

Turns out that it's gotten much busier.  Why?  Because when Eric asked, "So hey, I think there was an article written several months ago..."  The server, a cute high school gal, immediately said, "Yeah!  That article!  The place was packed for days after that article came out.  People would say, 'yeah, that critic is tough, so if she says she likes this place, then we have to try it.'  And they got exactly what the critic wrote about.  So yeah, they put in more booths."

"So I guess that means they got the Fish Taco and the Steak Burrito."  Like I didn't know what the critic ate...

"That's right," she started, quizzically.  And then I had to.  I just couldn't help it.  I said, "I wrote that article."  Her mouth dropped, and she couldn't get over it.  I just felt as giddy as a little girl.  I was so pleased that I could help out a little joint like this.  Made it all worth it.

Two new items worth mentioning, kids.

These are the best chips I've ever had.  They don't look like much, but they were freshly fried, delectably crispy, and lusciously saliferous.  Get the nachos next time you go.

Steak Chimichanga.  I remember tapping, tapping, tapping that shell, getting this beautifully echoing sound of a perfectly fried tortilla.  Yeah!!!  Then again, it's a fat bomb, folks.  Crunchy deliciousness vs. Svelte waistline. It's a real conundrum.  But if you decide to get this, you won't regret it.  It's a fantastic pocket of cheesy gooiness and tender morsels of good quality steak.  It's so good that Eric opined, "This Chimichanga is something to cry over..."

Afterwards, as we sat back with our distended belly, Eric philosophied, "Happiness is approaching the line of nausea, but not crossing it."  True, true.

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