Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bully's Bistro

It was a busy week, what with Eric graduating from his doctoral program and what not.  So we ate out with much more impunity than usual.  Right after spending an evening at Trio Bar and Grill, we paid another visit to Bully's in Columbia.  We've always liked Bully's since moving to the area.  Great little European Bistro atmosphere, and now there's such an extensive beer collection that they have a Beer Bible!  Rockin'.

I opted for the Sea Dog on draft.  I was delighted by that lovely blueberry-infused beer while out with my good friend Anne Nye.  Upon discovering there was Sea Dog at the bar where we were taking in some live tunes, she did not hesitate to make her decision.  I'm not so much a fruity beer person, but like Magic Hat #9 and its subtle and delicate apricot flavor, so is the Sea Dog with the blueberry.  I took a sip of her pint, and I was converted.

Eric opted to go with the Ommegang Rare Vos, which is never a wrong thing to do, except that we have a lot of it at the house.  After the sure thing, he went rogue and enjoyed a Stoudt's Tripel Abbey, which I also have to say, is quite a good-tasting beer. 

For dinner, we both started with a bowl of the Basil and Tomato bisque.  Sorry for the dark pics here, folks, but the iPhone doesn't have a flash, and Bully's has enough ambience that it doesn't do so well for photos...

The bisque was absolutely lovely.  Smooth in texture, slight creaminess, light bite of tomato tartness, yet with a natural sweetness all around.  It didn't need a single thing added to it.

Tuesday night was Tex Mex night, so Eric opted for the Steak Taco Salad.  That shell is banging.  Beautifully fried - they managed to dance along the line of "too fried" without crossing it, and we were well rewarded.  It was crunchy and greasy and delicious.  And you can't go wrong when it's filled with fresh greens, cheese, red onions, croutons, steak tenderloin grilled to medium rare, and then drenched in Blue Cheese dressing.  I mean, come on...

I went with the regular Steak Salad.  I wanted to compare it with the one I had the night before, and it was always my standby at Bully's anyway.  This dish used to have this rich, lightly sweetened gravy.  But now, the gravy is gone, baby, gone, and in its place was pretty medallions of medium rare steak.  There was a lot more steak here than at Trio, but this may have been a few dollars more expensive.  I liked the simplicity of the salad here.  Trio's was great, but there almost seemed to be too many side shows, what with the cranberries and walnuts.  Here?  Nothing but fresh, beefy goodness. 
Bully's Restaurant & Pub
647 Union Street
Columbia, PA 17512-2211
(717) 684-2854

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