Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trio Bar & Grill

Just a few minutes through the cornfields, and you'll find yourself in front of Trio Bar & Grill.  When we first moved into the area, it was Ye Olde Springhouse.  It was a bit of a divey bar with tons of smoke, but it was well frequented by the locals.  A few years later, it was purchased and turned into Rugantino's.  It was to have an Italian flair, and Eric and I visited in quick order - it would be great to have a good go-to place so close to us in Mountville.  We were sorely disappointed.  It seemed way overpriced for what you got, and unfortunately, you can change the name of the place, but not what it is; it still smacked of a good ol' neighborhood bar.

Rugantino's didn't last long, and soon after, a new sign was erected.  Trio, it was called, with three glasses of beer.  Alright, I thought, at least it seems to be getting back to its roots.  We promised we would visit soon enough.

Just last week, we finally made our sojourn to Trio.  It stayed true to what the building was made for, and it was very much a beer and bar fare kind of place.  I appreciated that.  Then we looked at the specials that day.  Microbrews for $2.75 on Mondays.  Yeah, but they probably only have one microbrew... Actually, they have a nice, extensive list of micros that were on tap, and it was impressive.  Eric got the Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA - for $2.75!  I got the Franziskaner Weissbier, which was a wonderful summer beer.  I do love the beers of that region. 

We chatted with our server, who said it had opened almost 3 years ago.  Did I hear that right?  3 years?  I would have said it opened up last year, and I felt an immediate pang of sadness - where has the time gone?  It speeds by and steals the "carpe diem" of one's youth.  Thank goodness I had a great German beer to drown my sorrows...

The menu at Trio, as I mentioned, focuses on bar fare.  But then they put a slightly gourmet twist on some of it, and they do it very well.  We ordered a dozen hot wings, and they were moist and all together flavorful.  Very well done.

I ordered the Black & Bleu Tenderloin salad, which comes with walnuts, dried cranberries, and french fried onions on top, sitting on a bed of mixed greens.  The medallions of steak tenderloin were exactly medium rare and they were moist and tender.  I needed very little of the house dressing, given the sweetness of the cranberries, the crunch of the walnuts, the pungence of the gorgonzola - the salad was a flavor bomb!  But watch out with the "I'm being good and eating a salad" bit.  This thing is large and highly caloric, and after having downed so many wings, I was full to the gills.  The only thing that didn't quite measure up was that there were a few wilting leaves in the salad.  You know, when one leaf has almost decomposed to a liquified state and clings to a fresher leaf?  Grossity, Grossity, Gross.  To be fair, it may have been the wilted greens from the heat of the steak, but I wasn't taking any chances, so I flicked those bits right out of there...

Eric ordered the Southwestern burger, and this thing was a monster in size, and in delectability.  There was a fresh pico de gallo type salsa on top with fresh jalapenos that my spicy-loving husband greatly appreciated.  A really lovely, nicely done burger.
Trio has specials all throughout the week, and they're definitely worth checking out.  They also have a back patio, which I'm definitely looking forward to visiting.  It's a shame, really, to have found Trio after so long...

3707 Marietta Avenue
Columbia, PA
(717) 285-0888

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