Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alex & Ika in Baseball Town

A few weeks ago, Eric and I went to Cooperstown, NY for the Ommegang Brewfest.  Tickets flew off the site, and because of Eric's tech savvy ways, we got two tickets to the coveted event.  So off we went to see the Belgian Wizard of Ommegang. 

We stayed in the quaint and homey Tunnicliff Inn that was oddly so loud-I-couldn't-sleep one night, and so quiet-I-could-hear-a-pin-drop the next.  Regardless, the location was great, and was just off the Main Street, where one can find Alex & Ika's.  And what a find it is.

First, just about any restaurant worth eating at in Cooperstown is flush with Ommegang brews, which is better than fine by me.  I got the Hennepin, which is one of their more delicious brews, I must say.  Unfiltered, slightly sweet, and with a wholesome complexity that dances with your tastebuds.  I just love it.  Eric got the Duvel, which is still good, but there's a heaviness to it that distracts me. 

But then there is the food that just shines at this cute little joint with a cool, open space that's eclectically decorated - hope you like mirrors...

A beautiful dish, both in value and in delectability - the Eggplant Parmesan.  It reminded me of the Ratatouille that was made in the movie Ratatouille.  It is Remy's chance to WOW the food critic, Anton Ego, and instead of creating an extraodinarily fancy meal, he fancifies a peasant dish to make it extraordinary.  Here?  Alex & Ika have gourmandized the humble Eggplant Parmesan, and the result is nothing but spectacular.   

And then the Hangar Steak.  Perfectly medium rare and finely seasoned, it went nicely with the braised garlic crimini mushrooms and the Tarragon Mustard aioli they were resting on.  And those slightly smashed Fingerling potatoes they are famous for?  Indeed, they are good, but I'll take a bite of their steak and Eggplant Parm over the potatoes any day.  But why choose?  At Alex and Ika's, you can have it all, and why settle for less? 

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