Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shame on Black & Decker

There was a time once, when I thought the brand name of Black & Decker was synonymous with quality.  No longer.  About a year ago, I purchased a toaster oven to replace the antiquated toaster oven I had since 1999 or something ancient like that.  It worked pretty well the first month or two, and then one day, we were sitting around smelling burnt toast when my husband realized he had toast going, but you know the thing should "DING"?  It never did!  It's a toaster oven, for goodness sakes.  One of the few things it should do in its life is to toast bread, and then DING to tell you that it did so!  Who ever heard of a humble toaster oven?  Well, we have one.  It's annoying, and sets off smoke alarms.

Whatever happened to good quality?  Whatever happened to wanting to protect your brand name?  Because for Black & Decker, it decided to ignore both.

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