Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spicy Dumplings

This is quickly becoming my go-to dish because people seem to like it so much.  Every time I've ever made it, someone says, "does anyone want that last one?"  And then everyone looks around because it's a real conundrum.  They want it, but you know that he who asks for it, gets it, unless he's Eric, who can be vetoed because he has a direct access to the source.  

I don't make dumplings from scratch anymore because it's just too time-consuming.  Besides, I've found a really great dumpling brand that I like at the Asian store.  That's half the battle.  The other half is all about the sauce.  I throw all sorts of stuff together.  I don't ever measure, so I can't really give great detail on this, but here it is in order of quantity, with the largest quantity first:  
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Sriracha (this is all about how spicy you want it to be, so easy on this)
  • Bean paste with chili sauce (I found some Thai bean paste hiding in my fridge and thought, what the heck, throw that in too, and it worked out great!)
  • Soy sauce
  • Rice vinegar
  • Chili oil
  • Sesame oil
See what I mean about throwing everything together?  It's very forgiving and malleable.  Enjoy!

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