Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trio - our neighborhood bar & grill

Oh yeah.  When we decided to buy a house in the suburbs, my fantasies of walking down the block to the corner bar for a great meal and drinks were dashed.  But a few years ago, Trio moved into a location close by.  Granted, there's no walking down the street, but there's a quick drive down the street, and let's be honest, that's so much better than long drive into the city for something cool.  

When we first moved, it was called Ye Olde Springhouse, or something like that.  It was also before the smoking ban, so the place was always filled with a smoky haze that I didn't like so much.  Then it turned into an Italian place called Rugantino's.  We went there once, and only once.  Ahem.  Then it turned into Trio, with its cool sign and upgraded vibe. 

I didn't expect much the first time we visited, which was 2 years after it had opened.  I had had such a disappointing experience with Rugantino's at the location that I was in no hurry to try that place out again.  But I was altogether pleased when they had several great microbrews on tap, and their food was absolutely solid.  They took the typical bar food and slightly gourmandized it so that it was familiar and yet unique and differentiated from the typical fare you'd get around town.  Their sandwiches were great, their salads were great, their wings were great...  I think their wings are the best in the city.  I like to mix the hot and sweet chili sauces together because combined, there is so much more complexity and deliciousness.  The best part is that even years later, the portions remain large and their pricing remains reasonable.  

They have specials every day of the week, and on one Tuesday, Eric and I were too lazy to pop anything into the microwave - if that isn't the definition of lazy, I don't know what is - and we found ourselves on Prime Rib night.  I thought I'd give it a try.  Everything had impressed me up to that point, so why not?  For $10, look at this massive slab of meatlicious cooked to a perfect medium rare.  Granted, the part on the far right was awfully fatty, but combined with caramelized carrots with a nice sized baked potato, where else can you get all this food for $10?  

In the meantime, their beers on tap are always stellar.  Dogfish 90 minute IPA, Seven Gates, Franziskaner, come on!  A pint of Seven Gates is $4, or maybe even $3.50.  Eric gets a the Dogfish 10 oz serving and one of the two are either $4 or $3.50  Either way, I say, where can you find these regular deals nowadays? 

I love this place.  There are two servers, and they are efficient, friendly, and can rattle off all the many beers they have without skipping a beat, and they take care of everyone without a single hitch.  

Please come and patronize Trio!  I'd like to make sure my neighborhood bar is here for a long, long time.

3707 Marietta Ave
Columbia, PA 17512


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