Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beers of a Perfect Summer Friday

Which photo is more inviting?  This one?

Or this one?

Either way, there are solid microbrews at Dock Street Brewery.  Eric got the sampler of everything on tap, and there were two that I deemed to be perfect for a sunny Friday afternoon - the Bubbly Wit and the Summer Session.

The Summer Session had a great refreshing taste - more than a hint of ginger and lemongrass.  Delicious. 

Ultimately, though, I chose the Bubbly Wit, a great Belgian-style beer.  But Warning-Will-Robinson - it's flush with alcohol.  8%, if you must know, and you should, because after half of the beer, I had never felt so great.  I was talking about how I would make a difference in the world, and how I would do it from that exact seat, as long as the weather remained just so.  From Eric's point of view, it was utter babble.  Perhaps it should be better named - Babbly Wit?  But it didn't matter, because just a pintfull of it makes everything okay...  But I'm not sure the thin, elderly woman sitting at another outside table thought so.  I looked up when I heard her fall from her chair and crumple to the ground.  What the heck?!?  And then I saw it.  I saw the empty Belgian glass, and I just knew she got in over her head. 

Respect the Bubbly Wit.

701 South 50th Street
West Philly, PA 19143

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